photo by Josh Fassbind

Tami Bahat had it rough.


An octogenarian by nature yet somehow cast into a young body, she had to adjust to the world, her wisdom tempered with her youth. Always passionate about life but keenly aware of the loss and struggle that an earthly existence bring, Tami always sought to connect with and understand people.


Her family moved to Los Angeles from Israel when she was young and her artistic parents exposed her to the delightful worlds of dance, design and music. She found photography in her teens, intrigued by the medium's ability to mold the obvious into the interesting, the commonplace into the comment-worthy. She constantly strives to push the boundaries of her own imagination as well as the viewer’s. Her deep love for imperfect beauty and the belief that art is in everyone fuel her portraiture.


She currently resides in Los Angeles, living and breathing fine art photography as well as following her humanitarian calling working with charities and non-profit organizations. She strives to change the world for the better as she slowly grows back to her proper age.

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